Smart DNS proxy Explained

This post gives a technical explanation about services like smart DNS proxies to get regional access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and other streaming services. It should give enough information to be able to start a similar service.

Those services work by rerouting network traffic. Of course a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider would also suffice, but one of its disadvantages is that not all hardware (e.g. PlayStation, Xbox) offers VPN functionality or the possibility to simply install a VPN client. Besides it would also require a modification in the routing table since you probably don’t want to reroute all traffic for performance reasons.

A solution to this problem that works on almost any hardware is the use of a Domain Name Server (DNS) with a proxy. By using custom entries the DNS server will respond to the client’s requests with the address of the proxy server instead. The proxy server is located in a specific region that allows access to certain content. By forwarding the client’s requests over the proxy ip server there will appear to be from the proxy server’s location.

The best way to unblock websites and access their movie streaming content is by utilizing a Smart DNS Proxy Server. Whether you find yourself as at work or in another country where geo-blocking has been established, setting up a Smart DNS proxy server will enable you to visit ınternet sites such as Netflix, WWE, Hulu, and BBC from anywhere.

Set Up A Smart DNS Proxy

Setting up a Smart DNS Proxy is extremely simple and it requires only minutes of your time. Once setup, you will be able to unlock the geo-blocking from your laptop, TV, gaming console, PC, smart phone, or even your tablet. By simply changing your DNS on each of your devices you will appear to become located in the country of your choice that has usage of your blocked websites. The Smart DNS proxy ip server is also the most cost effective. The price is relatively low compared to a VPN connection. It is the ideal choice for those who simply want to gain access to Netflix and Hulu movies from anywhere in the world.

The easy install process can take you less than one minute. Within your settings on any device, you will change your DNS address to the one your Smart DNS supplier has selected for you. Once you have saved the information all you need to do is open your web browser and select your website. In under 60 seconds you could be enjoying your favorite TV shows or movies from anywhere in the world.

Most users of the Smart DNS Proxy use the service to unblock the 21 regions accessible to Netflix. While traveling, having the ability to pass time with films and shows is a major bonus. Once you have changed your DNS address, you now get to virtually stay at home while being physically anywhere else in the world. If you are a sports fan, trying to access your preferred local teams while out of market can be a nightmare. By utilizing the Wise DNS Proxy you now have access to all of your games in any region at any time.


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